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According to the Operational Characteristics of the Elevator

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China is a big elevator-using country and the current volume of the elevator has reached approximately 1.2 million units.What’s more, each year increases nearly 30 million units. Elevator safety is an important part of urban life safety. How to ensure the safe operation of elevators and outstanding the humanistic care of lift environment are related to thousands of families, which is also an important part of building a harmonious society.

Chinese elevator industry actually experienced two stages: rapid growth and high-speed growth.
The first stage ------- the last 90's century is the rapid growth period of lift. Since there is no mandatory retirement age of Chinese elevator, elevators installed at this stage are still using in a considerable portion, which have serious security problem.
The second stage ------ from 2000 until now is the high-speed growth period of lift. Because of the growth volume in this stage, there are still problems should not be ignored when elevators are in use.
Now the state undertakes a regular inspection system, but it is only related to the validation of normal operation of elevator safety device. If we only predict and prevent the elevator failure through regular tests, it may lead to miss many opportunities to correct mistakes. We explore the safety management measures of elevators in use from two stages.

Against the elevator installed in the last 90’s century:
First, classification testing and comprehensive determination. Second, local legislation and mandatory retirement. Third, unify standard and strengthen rectification.
Against the elevator installed after 2000:

First, top guard and share responsibility. Second, reasonable allocation and resource sharing. Third, through media to strengthen safety education. Fourth, renovate market and standardize maintenance.

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