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Elevator Decoration Design

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1、Passenger Elevator

The use of a variety of materials and color combinations, very particular about the interior decoration materials, in the lines and shapes on doing all it can, focus on every detail, embodies the distinguished quiet, luxurious style, dignified and elegant, ride safe and comfortable space, gives pleasing visual experience. And differences in the use of different color temperature and different light source, you can warm yellow to bright light, reflecting the different elevator decorating style, suitable for a variety of environmental requirements to create the best atmosphere.

2、Bed Elevator

Bed elevator car in the selection of decorative materials must be able to anti-corrosion, because of medical elevator access to many of the patients, so the need for regular disinfection of the internal car. Car wall, floor, ceiling, handrails will encounter a number of chemical agents, so it is necessary to prevent corrosion of the materials on the car interior decoration. Second, the hall door and door cover and the  car front make the appropriate buffer to deal with the crash, so protect your car hall door and door cover and the car front can reduce the impact when a collision to protect the patient bed. In addition, the decorative style in the car so that patients can not feel the cold and fear, to be able to reflect the feeling of a warm and comfortable so that patients can forget or temporarily reduce the physical pain.

3、Residential Elevator

Residential elevator in the decorating, taking into account the more adaptation of the different cultures of different ages and the quality of the crowd. Therefore, for decoration of residential staircase, the walls decorated sedan chair, we should consider adopting some of the material to the buffer, but not the use of wood and other flammable decorative materials. Chair inside the control panel button and the floor should be the size of a suitable indicator, and a choice of more eye-catching color, taking into account their high anti-destructive and, after the destruction of the security.

4、Villa Elevator

Villa elevator some more personalized decoration, can fully reflect the owner's personal preferences, aesthetic concepts, professional range and so on. Chair should be able to decorate the home and the entire complement of the decoration on the door with a door decoration with the same open way, in the arrangement of colors and appearance as much as possible the integration of the Home in the overall results, in the visual people feel fresh and lively atmosphere of the times.

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