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The maintenance methods of elevator common inverter

Time:2010-09-27 22:47:02 Hit:3300

The necessary problems of elevator inverters daliy maintenance:


1.      The temperature of elevator electric room must not be too high, or the inverter converters will be easy to aging. It should be better loading with the air condition, the effect is quite good!

 2.      Prevent the rain water to drip wet. Usually in a typhoon, the windows broken by the wind and the rain showers the inverter.

 3.      Prevent the thunder and lighting. This relates the lighting protection   facilities of the whole building and district. The inverter will be seriously demaged by the lighting.

 4.      The radiator fan of the inverter should be cleaned regularly. It should be replaced if there is sound or not running.

 5.      Usually there are problems of the inverter if the elevator motor has abnormal sound. Such as the motor three-phase current imbalance, then we should maintain in time. Until the inverter completely can not work, the damage may be more serious.

 6.      If you have no maintenance experience please do not do it yourself. Be sure to please the professional maintenance staff to repair it. Otherwise the inverter will be made more bad.

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