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Distinguishes the elevator to be safe

Time:2011-03-08 11:37:15 Hit:3663

How does the eye distinguish the elevator to be safe 

     How does the eye distinguish the elevator to be safe? When the passenger rides the elevator, first should have a look at if the elevator have hangs the stainless steel sign of “the safe examination is qualified”; next, look at that if the elevator has the 4 items of registration number, the registration organization, the examinition unit, and the examination tern of validity. If the elevator surpassed the tern of validity to belongto the non-card operation. This is very important. The passenger meets not hang the card or non-card used elevator, may report to the authorities to the quality technology surveillance bureau.

        Elevator's routine maintenance maintenance, must by defer to this rule to obtain the permission the installment, the transformation, the service unit or the elevator manufacture unit carries on. Discovered that the elevator existence serious accident hidden danger, must report promptly to the special equipment safety surveillance Control section. The elevator manufacture unit must record the investigates and understanding situation.   

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