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The requirements of high-rise housing elevator

Time:2011-12-22 11:25:10 Hit:1994

The requirements of high-rise housing elevator

High-rise housing: means the seven floors and more seven than seven floors, the housing mainly take the elevator as the transportation. “the national housing design”states: seven and above must establish the elevator.

High-rise housing because of its height, the higher the floor the better landscape perspective, it is generally the higher the price of high-rise housing floors more expensive. And father from the ground, the greater the air flow rate, the better the effect of natural ventilation. But the high-rise housing is farther to the land, the inhabitant is worse to the land affinity, speciall dose not favor child’s growth. If the high-rise housing designs improper, easily lead to the deterioraton of local micro-climate, the formation of high-rise style.

In the high-rise housing acts according to the layer 7-11 named high-rise, may only establish an elevator, 12 above housing requests two elevator.

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