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Product name:DS094

  • DS094
  • Items Technical Parameters Items Technical parameter
    No. Of Beams  94  beams(Infrared) Currency 100mA
    No. Of Sensors  17 pairs Power Adapter 250 or 368
    Sensors Interval 108mm Protection Grade IP65
    Beams Interval 10.5/11.5mm Ambient Temp -10°~+70°
    Scanning Form Line by line Storage Temp -40°~+80°
    Response Time 10~50m.s Size 12*22*1820/2000mm
    Installation 3/5 screw fitting with accessory
    Highest Beam Spot 1710mm
    Detecting Range 0-6.0m moving door Indicator Power(Green LED)
    Light Immunity 80,000 lux(visible light) Ssytem fault/Beams Blocked
    (Orange LED
    Allowable Deviation Angle 10° Shell Material Aluminum alloy surface of anodizing(black) or
    matt spray plastic(black)
    Allowable Deviation Position Vertical:± 50mm
    Protecting States Cable fault Shell Cover
    (Light filter)
    Embedded installation of
    infrared penetrating for
    blacking off non-infrared
    Working Voltage 12V(Min 8V,Max 30V) Power Supply 220V AC or 24V DC

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