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Product name:DS154

  • DS154
  • Items Technical Parameters Items Technical parameter
    No. Of Beams  128/154 unfocused beams
    Currency 100mA
    No. Of Sensors  18 pairs Power Adapter 250 or 368
    Sensors Interval 52.5mm Protection Grade IP65
    Beams Interval 10.5mm Ambient Temp -10°~+70°
    Scanning Form Line by line Storage Temp -40°~+80°
    Response Time 10~50m.s Size 12*22*1820/2000mm
    Installation 3 screw fitting with accessory
    Detecting Range 0-5.0m moving door Indicator Power(Green LED)
    Light Immunity 80,000 lux(visible light) Ssytem fault/Beams Blocked
    (Orange LED
    Allowable Deviation Angle 10° Shell Material Aluminum alloy surface of anodizing(black) or
    matt spray plastic(black)
    Allowable Deviation Position Vertical:± 50mm
    Protecting States Cable fault Shell Cover
    (Light filter)
    Embedded installation of
    infrared penetrating for
    blacking off non-infrared
    Working Voltage 12V(Min 8V,Max 30V) Power Supply 220V AC or 24V DC

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